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Reviews | Claire Caterer

The Key & The Flame by Claire CatererHere’s what readers and critics have to say about The Key & the Flame :


“A solid fantasy in the classic tradition. The multi-threaded narrative offers a variety of young heroes for readers to root for, and it’s jam-packed with memorable secondary characters of the magical sort, like sleek leogryffs, tricky fairies, and a talking cat.”
Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books


“Filled with swordfights, spells, and an endearing cast of creatures, Holly’s journey makes for a rousing adventure. Chronicles of Narnia fans will rally around this debut fantasy novel and ask for the forthcoming sequel.”
Library Media Connection


“Mixing traditional elements of fantasy-adventure stories, some interesting new ideas and a group of unlikely heroes, The Key & the Flame is great fun! The pacing is nice, the reading level moderate but with some manageable language challenges, and the plot and characters are compelling. Caterer leaves plenty of room for a return trip to Anglielle in another book but The Key & the Flame can be read alone to satisfaction. A juicy, entertaining and far from ordinary tale!”


“A classic fantasy adventure.”
Watermark Books & Cafe


“Caterer is especially good at creating believable children in all of their human imperfections.”
 —Publisher’s Weekly


“Claire M. Caterer’s debut novel is filled with excitement, suspense, and adventure—not to mention magic! The Key and the Flame is exciting from the very first page … one of the best novels I’ve read in months!”
Jack and Jill magazine


“Very exciting and awesome! … Five out of five bookworms for a great adventure story.”
This Kid Reviews Books


“An epic adventure that tween readers of fantasy will love.”

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